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"   My heart talks about nothing but you.   "
Albert Camus, from The Just  

i dont know how to talk to u without flirting or thinking about fucking u so i guess its good that we dont talk anymore 

i told my boss i wanted 2 shifts a week but this week i have enough hours to quality as a full time worker


i left for work at 8am and got home at 9pm but i dont even care bc the ppl i work with are so cool and i got a free smoothie

i almost accidentally killed someone at work today because they didn’t know how a smoothie was made

they asked me not to put frozen yogurt in it, so i didn’t, then after it was aLREADY MADE they decided to tell me the reason they didn’t want froyo 

she has a SEVERE dairy allergy

i promptly say “THERE IS YOGURT IN THAT” to prevent her from feasting on her demise 

smoothies have both froyo and normal yogurt

u wasted a smoothie and almost killed urself in the process congrats  

"   Look, let me put it this way: with me, you’re number one and there isn’t even a number two.   "
Charles Bukowski, Women